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Ana Maria has been teaching acting and performance for more than 20 years at NIDA, The Actors Centre, and Australian Theatre for Young People, among others.


In quick response to Covid, Ana Maria created her Online Acting Studio and has coached clients through and throughout the pandemic.


Her experience and empathic personality make her extremely approachable and puts clients instantly at ease, no matter what their performance level.


Ana Maria is adept at revealing how an actor can create the most dynamic performance for an audition. Her techniques give you the confidence to really express your full potential.


Ana Maria also specialises in working with children and teenagers. She has an affinity with young actors that helps them thrive on screen. Some of her younger clients are now starring in feature films, TV shows and commercials.


“Recently I cast an 11 year old first-time actor in a significant role for my feature film.…..I am incredibly grateful for Ana Maria’s wisdom- she truly made my directing experience a breeze, surpassing my expectations of her role…. And my film will be so much better for it.”

Hannah Barlow - Writer/Director of feature film SISSY.

"Ana Maria has taken our child’s acting craft to a level where he is receiving professional acting work at a high-profile level. Her coaching, particularly in the areas of self-tapes, audition preparation and script memorisation have filled a critical gap in his skills set as they are often not taught in traditional speech and drama classes. Beyond her amazing ability to teach these skills, Ana Maria is a ray of sunshine. She models optimism, resilience and playfulness – characteristics equally as important as the craft itself for aspiring young actors wishing to make this their career. "

Michelle - Parent of current student.

"Ana Maria is one of the most talented acting teachers that I have ever met. She has improved my acting skills to the next level. Ana Maria can specialise in screen acting, theatre, and musical theatre. Ana Maria has taught me how to use my memory in a great way, she is a very lovely person to be around and always listens to you and makes you laugh. Ana Maria is a great acting teacher, I highly recommend her. "

Evan, 13 - current student, actor in Thor: Love and Thunder, A Christmas Ransom, Woody Woodpecker 2

“Ana Maria is by far the best communication instructor that I have had the privilege of learning from. Aside from the school musicals that Ana Maria trained me up for, I never really expected I would be using the skills that she taught me. Nevertheless, as a kid’s doctor, I have the privilege of putting terrified young people at ease, and the responsibility to communicate complex ideas to worried parents. The communication skills and sense of presence that Ana Maria taught me has been invaluable to achieving these goals every day.”
Dr Zachary McPherson, Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

"Ana Maria is the most incredible acting teacher! On my very first private lesson I felt instantly comfortable and safe with her. She has since taught me new and exciting techniques that allowed me to go beyond what I knew previously about acting.  I use her techniques to this very day and recommend her 1000% She is an absolute treasure and I'm so lucky I found her!"

Melissa Russo -  Actor in musical "Fangirls"

"Absolutely love working with Ana Maria! Our private sessions are always made up of workshopping and breaking down your scripts before filming a perfectly thought out self-tape (which Ana Maria edits for you!). Her studio set up is fantastic, and you can be guaranteed a very safe and comfortable environment where you’ll be laughing 95% of the time.  Could not recommend Ana Maria more!"

Georgia Rogers - Actor in feature film "Love You Like That"


Thank you for trusting me with your talent!

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